High Performance Computing for R&D

Complex simulations are at the forefront of innovation in R&D, driving new developments for the most revolutionary organizations in every industry. As a result, there is an ever-growing demand on computing requirements to support next generation product development.  IT organizations are struggling to meet the demand for immediate resources within their current data center footprint, often resulting in long wait times for engineers and leaving businesses with increased project costs, significant delays in time to market, and needing to reduce the complexity of their models. With the right cloud computing solution to help improve business agility, the game changes. Data-driven, research-intensive innovations now have access to HPC infrastructure on demand to help scale computing capacity at a moment’s notice. In addition, licensing models are shifting, and turnkey solutions are enabling more flexibility and cost-efficiencies. With an expected value of $55B for 2024 in the HPC industry and constraints of on-prem infrastructure having access to purpose-built cloud solutions has never been more important.

HPC in the cloud across the industries

High performance computing supports workloads across a range of industries, like aerospace, automotive, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, semiconductors, the public sector, and more. Ultimately, high performance computing in the cloud enables you to do more, at a greater speed by quickly scaling up and out your infrastructure.

When you think about research and science innovation, these workloads are being run on massive datasets. Aerospace engineers are using HPC for large-scale structural, fluid dynamics, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses all capable of being supported on efficient and technologically advanced cloud solutions. Interdependencies and intense complexities around standards and simulations can make HPC workloads even more challenging. Product development in the automotive and manufacturing spaces require significant design testing to adhere to strict performance and safety mandates, and simulating the designs through several testing iterations reduces costs and time to market and allows them to produce a scalable, effective, and efficient product. All of these challenges and more can be met head on with the exceptional performance and cost-efficiencies delivered by purpose-built cloud solutions.

Next Steps

As you look to learn more about what moving to the cloud can do for your business, know that Rescale, Microsoft Azure, and AMD are here to help by providing the infrastructure you need, so you can focus on your business and what you do best. To learn more about high performance computing to R&D, read the full manufacturing eBook. Because technology matters, and together, we can help you unlock your innovation.


  • Rachael Pruitt

    Rachel Pruitt is an experienced product marketing manager in the tech industry. As a PMM at Azure HPC + AI, she leads the development and execution of go-to-market strategies for the organization's products and solutions. With a deep understanding of the HPC and AI markets, Rachel has a proven track record of delivering successful marketing campaigns and driving growth.

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