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Presented by Rescale with support from sponsors including Google, AWS, Microsoft, Intel, Ansys, Siemens, Convergent Science, and others, Big Compute is a premiere hub for thought-provoking stories, enlightening (and entertaining) podcasts and videos, industry articles, and more — all in the realm of high performance computing. From on-premise advances to cloud HPC and everything in-between, Big Compute strives to showcase the untold stories of how this incredible technology is affecting the lives of all of us.

Whether you’re an executive, engineer, researcher, scientist, student, or just someone with a passion for making the world better through science and technology, we welcome you to this community.

What began as a gathering of innovators and thought leaders who were passionate about what’s possible with unlimited compute, has grown into a community of like-minded enthusiasts — engineers, researchers, leaders — with a mutual desire to change the world.