A Meme for You

A Story of Memes‍

Let’s be honest. The picture above is pretty much all you need for this post.

But in case you’re still reading, here’s a short story.

Once upon a time, I was working on a marketing team where part of my responsibilities included putting together the company newsletter. So I got to work, packing the thing full of links to stories of incredible innovations, exciting updates, and technical know-how — all that stuff meant to grab the attention of our audience and impress them with our awesomeness.

Right before hitting “send,” we slid in a last-minute blog post filled with the most thought-provoking, leadership-building content known to any technocrat…


We figured a few bored people might click the link and get a chuckle out of a bunch of tech-related internet memes.

A few? Wrong.

That little blog post, hidden below the fold and surrounded by company updates and bleeding edge tech, was the number one most clicked on link of the entire newsletter — even more than the flashy featured animated gif I had spent way too much time compressing into a file size digestible for an email newsletter. Even today, that webpage sees some of the most traffic of any other blog on the site.

The Lesson of Memes

The lesson?  People like memes. We like memes. You like memes (or you wouldn’t have clicked on this post). They’re dumb, they’re cheap, and they’re awesome.

So while you (yes, you) engineer technological breakthroughs that better our society or work to change the world one research study at a time, we at Big Compute will be here for you, updating you on what’s happening in the world of high performance computing, talking to the undercover superheroes of the planet, and bringing you that one thing proven to be desired by all…



This particular meme was created by Ansys, a sponsor of Big Compute, based on particle flow simulation of two people having a conversation. You can also check out some of their amazing simulations around COVID-19 research. Not so much on the funny side, but definitely interesting.

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If you have a meme worth featuring at Big Compute, send us a link on our contact page.


  • Jolie Hales

    Jolie Hales is an award-winning filmmaker and host of the Big Compute Podcast. She is a former Disney Ambassador and on-camera spokesperson for the Walt Disney Company, and can often be found performing as an actor, singer, or emcee on stage or in front of her toddler. She currently works as Head of Communications at Rescale.

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