The Big Compute Community

Big Compute is a global community of thought leaders who embrace the freedom to think big in this era of virtually unlimited compute. From an annual conference of inspiring speakers, to telling stories year-round of the many “undercover superheroes” working behind the scenes to change the world, Big Compute fosters innovation in aerospace, automotive, AI, life sciences, new energy, and everything in between.

Do you know an undercover superhero with a great story to tell?

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Why Big Compute


Big Compute is about the freedom to think big, driven by the limitless power to compute. Unrestrained, we push ideas beyond the ordinary to achieve groundbreaking results.


Big Compute fosters a vibrant community in which leaders actively participate and interact. Here, we all share, learn, and collaborate to enhance personal expertise.


Providers of hardware, software, and cloud services contribute content and insights, share new methods for solving challenging problems, and enable the freedom to think big.