State of Cloud HPC microSUMMIT

State of Cloud HPC

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Modern applications in science and engineering are driving demand for big compute, and the cloud HPC ecosystem is pushing forward to keep pace and drive new possibilities. Organizations are harnessing new hardware and software tools to stay competitive, agile, and collaborative in rapidly evolving business environments.

To kick off the Big Compute 2021 digital series, Rescale, Microsoft, and Hyperion Research will share unique insights on trends and predictions for the future of cloud for R&D computing. 

In this 1 hour microSummit, you will learn how leading companies are driving digital transformation in their HPC practices and how R&D teams are taking advantage of the latest technologies to power their applications. IT and business leaders will find examples of how other leaders are gaining full transparency and control to improve overall cost-performance efficiency. For engineers and scientists in aerospace and automotive to energy and electronics design industries, there are big implications for cloud digital transformation.


Earl Joseph

CEO, Hyperion Research

Mark Eastman

Azure HPC Partner Management, Microsoft

Edward Hsu

Chief Product Officer, Rescale

Event Agenda

  • Headlines from recent Rescale and Hyperion reports
  • The rise of specilaized achitectures and impact on data center economics 
  • Software trends in HPC and the rise of AI and ML workloads
  • Improving HPC performance in the cloud and eliminating budget overruns
  • Considerations and challenges around managing HPC data
  • Predictions for the future of cloud HPC
  • Q&A

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  • Earl Joseph

    Dr. Earl Joseph drives research and consulting efforts associated with the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific markets for technical servers and supercomputers. He advises Hyperion Research clients on the competitive, managerial, technological, integration and implementation issues for technical servers. Dr. Joseph also oversees Hyperion Research's high-end HPC User Forum activities.

  • Mark Eastman

    Mark has over 20 years of business development, sales, and marketing executive with an excellent track record. Mark is very motivated to achieve desired results conceptualizing and directing all aspects of the selling and marketing of advanced technology solutions, driving market awareness and communicating an overall solution value. Mark has tremendous strength in developing the global sales and marketing strategy that drives revenue for the company. Mark has proven success developing strategic partnerships that can be leveraged for exponential revenue increases. I bring a strong ethic, energy, excellence, and passion to his work.

  • Edward Hsu

    Edward Hsu is Chief Product Officer at Rescale, driving intelligent computing for digital R&D. Prior to joining Rescale, Edward ran product and marketing at D2IQ (formerly Mesosphere), as well as product marketing at VMware. Earlier in his career, Edward worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company as well as in engineering in Oracle’s CRM division.

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