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Computing drives engineering and scientific R&D and advancements in new chip architectures accelerates breakthroughs with greater speed and efficiency. Explore the latest computing technologies from leading hardware providers.

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Latest Intel Architectures

Xeon Ice Lake 3rd GenAWSStat / Spec
Xeon Scalable ProcessorAWSStat / Spec
Xeon Platinum Ice Lake 3rd GenAzureStat / Spec

Latest AMD Architectures

EPYC GenoaAWSStat / Spec
EPYC MilanAWSStat / Spec
EPYC Milan-XAzureStat / Spec

Latest NVIDIA Architectures

H100 Tensor CoreAWSStat / Spec
A100 Tensor CoreTBDStat / Spec
Tesla V100TBDStat / Spec

Hardware Architecture Benchmarks and Performance Metrics

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